Skin Diseases - Skin Infections

Skin Infections

Can be bacterial, fungal or viral.

Bacterial infections (e.g. - boil)

Can present with redness, pain swelling , pus discharge may be see over the area involved like face , hands, nails etc. Sometimes infections are triggered by some injuries or can be spontaneous. They need to be evaluated if there is recurrent infections so you may be advised certain blood tests for the same. They can be treated with antibiotics and regular dressings may be required.

Fungal infections (e.g. - ring worm)

Generally presents as itchy rash especially over the areas like groin, axilla, buttocks etc. These infections can be long standing and very troublesome. They can be treated with topical and oral course of anti-fungal.

Viral infections (e.g. - chicken pox)

Presents with fluid filled lesions or rash with itching, can be associated with fever.

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