Surgery - Vitiligo / Leucoderma SUrgery

Vitiligo / Leucoderma Surgery


Condition causing loss of skin pigment due to various causes egvitiligo, chemical leukoderma, traumatic, post burns.

When to opt for surgery:

When the disease is stable meaning no new lesions or increase in size of existing lesions for a recommended period of time.

Pre procedure

  • Normal blood investigations.
  • Positive attitude / realistic expectation.


  • Duration depends upon type of procedure, site and size of lesion.
  • Various types of procedures can be done based on the number, size, and site of the lesion.
  • Miniature punch grafting- Hands and feet Suction blister grafting – Lips and face small lesions.
  • Autologous non cultured melanocyte suspension- Any site in body and extensive areas.
  • Autologous non cultured follicular cell suspension – Any site in body and extensive areas.
  • Other procedures such as – Smash grafting, FUE, Excision and closure.

Follow up

2nd day, 7th day, 15th days then weekly for phototherapy.

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